The aim of the project was to provide clean and healthy water to the people of the Tong community in the Karaga District. The project was important to the community members because it saved them the hassle of descending the hill for about 2 miles only to get a bucket of water from the dam. According to the community members, the average woman can only go for about 3-6 buckets of water a day, due to the stress and hilly nature of the place.

In 2010, we facilitated the construction of a mechanised borehole for the Tong Community. The project was completed, commissioned and handed over to the community under the supervision of the district assembly and the water board committee in the Tong community.

The projects made a great impact on the Tong society, as it saves them a lot of time and energy from walking down the hill every day. The time and energy are now being channeled into more working time and higher productivity in their various businesses especially in the farming and Shea butter businesses. The children also have much time for their education and are less tired during school hours.

  • Community: Tong
  • Location: Karaga District
  • Region: Northern
  • Project Type: Borehole
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