Located about 6 miles away from the Tamale – Bolgatanga road, is a small community called Silinga. It is a community of about 340 people, mostly farmers. It is located not far away from Walewale, the municipal capital.

As a remote community, they get their daily water from hand-dug wells, streams and harvested rainwater during raining seasons. These sources of water are mostly not good for their consumption due to contamination from animals and other agents from the environment.

It is in light of these that we constructed a hand-pump borehole for the Silinga community. The borehole is to provide a good and safe alternative water source for the community. The borehole was constructed in 2012 at the entrance of the community. It was commissioned and handed over to the community under the supervision of the district assembly and the community elders.

The borehole takes care of one of the many needs of the community.

  • Community: Silinga
  • Location: Walewale
  • Region: Northern
  • Project Type: Borehole
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  • Nimeah Baba Maxwell

    I want to express my sincere appreciation to CHGROUPGH for the wonderful help you have given to my people. I was so much overwhelmed when I heard that good news and eventually travelled down there to see it. I was born and bread in SILINGA, but by God’s grace am toiling in the city of Accra now. God richly bless CHGROUPGH. On behalf of my people and I. THANK YOU SO MUCH..

    November 22, 2017