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Pinora Limited is a fruit processing company in Ghana, with a daily production capacity of over 400MT. Our in-house cold storage facility ensures we maintain full control over our product quality. With our production site situated in a free trade zone, we are able to provide blending hub services into the rest of West Africa, which is one of the fastest growing juice consuming regions of the world.

We produce a wide range of products from aseptic to frozen, organic and conventional, NFCs and concentrateds. The majority of our volumes are exported into Europe and the neighbouring West African countries. Our main products include orange, pineapple, lime, cashew and various tropical products.

Pinora takes a responsible approach to business in Africa. Through our farm school programs we provide farmers with ongoing technical advice, training and access to credit facilities. We believe that through education and long term relationships, we can work to secure our sourcing to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of the best quality fruit.

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