At CH Group, we are passionate about what we do. We give off our very best, in whatever we do.


We currently operate in 4 continents and have over 20 subsidiaries within the Group. Our industries spread across diverse sectors: Oil & Gas, Real Estate & Construction, Water and Advisory Services. We pride ourselves in being a value driven organization, with a dynamic team of experts, who together, bring our vision to life. We build on our relationships for the development and growth of our businesses.


We believe that investing in our team ultimately creates sustainable business. We create an environment where all our team members have a sense of belonging and are allowed the room to create and achieve their full potential. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship, by protecting the health and safety of our employees and making a positive impact on the communities around us.




Chase Petroleum: Chase Petroleum commenced export supply of petroleum products to Mali and Niger. Chase Petroleum entered into a Light Cycle Oil treatment agreement with Tema Oil Refinery, to increase quality and yield of residual gasoil. In a consortium with Government of Ghana, TOR and…

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Chase Petroleum: Chase Petroleum was licensed as a Bulk Distributor paving way for the company to operate an active import and export petroleum business in Ghana and West Africa. GoldKey Properties: Goldkey Properties completed its first gated residential development in Cantonments. Blackwell Realty: Blackwell Realty,…

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Chase Logistics: Chase Logistics, an infrastructure focused business, was incorporated to own and invest in strategic infrastructure and logistics in the petroleum sector.

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Tema Tank Farm: Construction of Tema Tank Farm begun. A consortium of experienced and reputable companies (American Tank & Vessel, Top International, Petro) were engaged to construct the 70,000cum terminal, the most preferred terminal among industry users.

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Chase Petroleum: Chase partnered with Goil to jointly own and revamp the storage terminal in Takoradi to create reliable storage facilities and create an efficient and reliable supply of petroleum products to the western part of the country. GoldKey Properties: Goldkey Properties completed its premier…

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Chase Petroleum: Chase Petroleum launched its West Africa strategy and began the supply of products to various African countries. Goldkey Properties: Goldkey Properties completed its 80th Unit.

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Tema Tank Farm Tema Tank Farm was opened for business. The award-winning storage terminal receives, stores and delivers petroleum products to its Ghanaian and West African clients. The automated terminal has been adjudged the best terminal in the country on many occasions and continues to…

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GoldKey Properties: Goldkey Properties, through a Private Public Partnership (PPP), completed and handed over newly built modern apartments to the Police service, the first of its PPP strategy. CH Group: Government of Ghana signed Petroleum Agreement with CH Group, GNPC Exploration Company and Erin Energy…

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Chase Logistics: Chase Logistics partnered with Vitol to develop fuel infrastructure facilities to supply fuel to Cen Power Generation plant, an independent IPP in Tema, which was adjudged the African Power Deal of the year in 2014. CH Group: CH Group and Vivo Bv. completed…

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Goldkey Properties: Goldkey Properties completed phase one of its first mixed use development within Cantonments City. Cantonments City is a 62,000 square metre mixed-use development with a high-street theme, offering companies brand visibility and customized office spaces. Cantonments city is considered one of the most…

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CH Group: CH Group and subsidiaries relocated to their new Head Office in Cantonments City.

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CH Group: Group, EDF and Off Grid Electric (OGE) partnered to deliver solar energy solutions to off grid and weak grid communities in Ghana.

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GoldKey Properties: Goldkey Properties completed the “Vivo Place” in Cantonments City. Vivo Energy (Shell’s exclusive licensee in Ghana) is the anchor Tenant in this building.

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