CH Group, Executive Chairman

Kwaku Bediako is the Founder and Group Executive Chairman of the CH Group of companies. He leads the Group with the key responsibility of ensuring the overall success of all the subsidiaries. Kwaku is an ardent entrepreneur with a rare ability to identify opportunity and drive market sectors.

He established the fast-growing Oil Trading and Bulk Distribution Company, Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited in 1997. Under his leadership, Chase Petroleum was first to be issued a Bulk Distributor’s License and a leading oil company in Ghana.

In 1999, Kwaku also set up Goldkey Properties Limited which has become one of the leading real estate businesses in mixed-use developments.

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CH Group, Executive Director

Cynthia is currently the Group Head of Operations and a member of the Group,s Executive leadership team. In 2003, She joined Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited and Gold key Properties Limited and her career has been highlighted by continual promotion through a series of increasingly responsible positions based on strong performance in developments, portfolio strategy and cross-functional leadership expertise.

As part of the Chase Petroleum Team she played a significant role in the application and execution of the CBM and SPM project in Tema.

As the businesses grew, Cynthia focused solely on the Group’s Real Estate business; Goldkey. She is exceptionally skilled in clarifying business vision and translating it into operational plans that move projects forward and surpass corporate expectations. As Executive Director, she worked in tandem with the Group Chairman to expand the company’s real estate; commercial, residential and retail interests. Her extensive real estate experience and education along with her inherent business sense has been significant in driving the Goldkey vision over the last 16years. Together with the Group Chairman, she has grown the Real estate business from an initial value of about $100,000 to a company worth over 100million dollars in assets.

In 2014, she spearheaded the diversification of Goldkey’s portfolio into mixed use development with the introduction of the  Cantonments City project; A 62,000 square metre mixed-use development with a high-street theme; offering companies brand visibility and customized office spaces. Cantonments city is considered one of the most successful restoration in the city and earned Gold key properties multiple awards including the award for best mixed-use development in Ghana and West Africa. She continues to oversee project acquisition, deal evaluation, analysis and pre-development planning from the Group office.

As Group head of Operations, her focus is on leading and operationalizing strategy and pursuing growth opportunities across all the Group’s subsidiaries. Cynthia has studied Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment from The MIT school of Architecture and Planning and also holds an MBA with Distinction from The Birmingham Business School. She has participated in several global conferences on strategy and real estate development and management.

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Chase Petroleum, Executive Director

Dan Amoah’s career from 1987 to 2005 was spent working for the Ministry of Energy, Ghana; pulling rank as the Acting Director of Petroleum and Head Petroleum Downstream in 2001. His directorship was responsible for petroleum product pricing, planning and research from October 2005 to January 2013 at the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

He was appointed as Group Executive Director and seconded as the Managing Director of Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited from February 2013 to April 2018.  From May 2018 to date, Dan works as Group Executive Director responsible for petroleum downstream strategy and Adviser to the Group Executive Chairman.

Dan sits on the Boards of Chase Petroleum, Tema Tank Farm, Adinkra Supply Company, Adinkra Storage Company and United Storage Company Limited. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Methodist Development Fund (MDF), of The Methodist Church, Ghana. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Petrochemical Engineering with specialty in the processing of oil and gas, from the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas; and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, UK.

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CH Group, Head Finance, Risk & Audit

George joined CH Group in 2013 as the General Manager of Finance, Risk and Internal Controls. Before CH Group, he was Finance Director of Eaton Towers, Ghana in excess of 2 years, and held various managerial positions including Deputy Head of Finance during a 10-year long stint with Stanbic Bank.

This included Chief Finance Officer from 2007 to January 2011 for Stanbic Investment Management Services Ltd, a subsidiary of the bank. He was a member of Finknack Advisory Services management team between 2011 and 2015. His wealth of knowledge and experience also extends into the aviation industry.

George is savvy in audit assurance, advisory and tax administration across different sectors of the economy. His insightfulness includes corporate restructuring, reorganization, strategy and policy formulation and implementation, human capital recruitment and management, financing arrangement and reporting, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, distress corporate resolutions and system application implementation. George is a Certified Accountant and Changed Management Agent with accredited practicing certificates. He holds an MBA in Finance and a BSc Administration from the University of Ghana.

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CH Group, Executive Director

Kwame Owusu Bediako is the head of Logistics and Infrastructure, serving as an Executive Director of Chase Logistics Ghana Limited, since its incorporation in 2008. He has led the planning and management of the company’s petroleum storage facility construction in Tema, as well as its recent expansion.

Chase Logistics is currently the largest privately-owned petroleum products storage facility in Ghana with a capacity of 120,000 cubic meters.

Kwame is responsible for managing government and other critical stakeholder relationships on behalf of the Group. He also sits on the Boards of Chase Petroleum and Tema Tank Farm. Kwame holds a bachelor’s degree in International Marketing from Baruch College, USA.

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