Ahansunyewodea is one of the deprived suburbs of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region. The community has been devastated by surface mining and its associated effects. Prior to the complete takeover of arable lands for gold mining, the community used to depend on farming for their livelihood. The community has a population of over 2500 people and they are predominately engaged in Small Scale Mining (Galamsey) and farming.

The community had only one public toilet; this situation forced most people to use the nearby bushes and refuse dumps as places of convenience, which in turn, affected the hygiene of the community. In 2008, there was a severe cholera outbreak, which almost lead to an epidemic.

Ahansunyewodea community also faced water problems. The community was being supplied with water by Ghana Water Company Limited, but because the community is located on a hilly area; the free flow of water was mostly not regular because of low pressure.  As a result, most community members resorted to fetching water from a nearby stream for household use and other purposes.

To alleviate these issues, we constructed a mechanized borehole to provide water to the indigenes of the Ahansunyewodea community. We also constructed a KVIP toilet for the community to improve the existing hygienic conditions. This resulted in improved health sanitation among the people and provided potable drinking water. Water borne diseases were also significantly reduced and promoted economic growth in the community.

  • Community: Ahansunyewodea
  • Location: Obuasi
  • Region: Ashanti
  • Project Type: Borehole
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