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CH Group is the entrepreneurial parent of several innovative companies in various industry sectors. The Group together with its subsidiaries, have more than 20 years cross sector experience in engaging strategically and delivering business success through identifying and developing opportunities worldwide.

Shared values

Our values are at the heart of our business. We are committed to empowering our people, valuing our clients and looking after our communities. These ambitions enable us to build high-quality businesses known for their consistent delivery.

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Our subsidiaries offer value added products and services strategically tailored to deliver success for our consumers and client businesses. We make reliable decisions to meet the needs of our customers.

Socially responsible

We are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices and actively support various community initiatives. We strive to be socially accountable for ourselves, our customers, our community and our environment.

Timely delivery

Over time we have rapidly built businesses with the reputation as sector leaders. Driven by our passion to exceed expectation and timely project delivery, we continually strive to attain market leadership and growth in emerging markets and other sectors.

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Our teams combine analytical accuracy with expertise to deliver across our business.

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